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Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

Matted Autograph Presentation

The Happiness Patrol

Product Description

Includes the authentic autographs of: 

Sylvester McCoy                     (The Doctor)
Sophie Aldred                          (Ace)
Sheila Hancock                       (Helen A)
David John Pope                     (Kandy Man)
Lesley Dunlop                          (Susan Q)
Ronald Fraser                          (Joseph C)
Georgina Hale                          (Daisy K)
Rachel Bell                               (Priscilla P)
John Normington                      (Trevor Sigma)
Harold Innocent                       (Gilbert M)
Tim Barker                               (Harold V)
Andrew Cartmel                       (Script Editor)

Created by Thomas Rucktenwald


The signature(s) contained on this presentation are guaranteed authentic for the life of the presentation.

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Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol

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