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Doctor Who: Earthshock

Matted Autograph Presentation

Doctor Who: Earthshock

Product Description

Doctor Who: Earthshock - 18X24 inch matted autograph presentation featuring the authentic autographs of:

Peter Davison                       (The Doctor)
Matthew Waterhouse            (Adric)
Sarah Sutton                          (Nyssa)
Janet Fielding                        (Tegan)
David Banks                          (Cyberleader)
Beryl Reid                              (Briggs)
Mark Fletcher                        (Crewmember Vance)
Alec Sabin                             (Ringway)
Mark Straker                          (Trooper Carter)

Created by Thomas Rucktenwald


The signature(s) contained on this presentation are guaranteed authentic for the life of the presentation.

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Doctor Who: Earthshock

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