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How to fix clogged toilet

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How to fix clogged toilet

Date: 05/23/2014

Clogged toilet is a big issue we all want to avoid. The knowledge of how to deal with clogged toilet can help you very much in saving lot of money and frustration. There are several hardware tools that can be found at any store and will help you in solving your clogged toilet situation. The drain blockage can be released with simple tools such as plunger, rag and even a closet hanger.

When we have problem of clogged toilet, the plunger is the best and most powerful tool to do the unclogging job quickly and efficiently. A toilet plunger has a rubber flange shaped to fit the bottom the clogged toilet bowl, this round shape block the pipe tunnel and creating high pressured vacuum inside the toilet pipeline. This high level vacuum will remove almost everything that is blocking the toilet. It is very simple to use the toilet plunger. You just need to insert the rubber flange deeply into the end of the toilet bowl. The next step is to move the plunger backward and forwards. Repeat this action few times until you successfully opened your clogged toilet.


Sometime we don’t have a toilet plunger, therefore we can try using a rag to fix our clogged toilet. The method is the same as the plunger technique. Take rag and wrap it until you get a shape of a ball. Then insert it to the bottom of the toilet bowl until it completely blocking the pipe. Next, use your hands to pump the toilet in a very similar way as you might use the toilet plunger until the toilet pipe is clear. The rag method to fix clogged toilet can be very dirty action as you must insert your hands deeply inside the toilet bowl and also the water might splash everywhere while trying to fix it. 

A Closet hanger might be also useful to fix your clogged toilet. All you have to do is simply to make a hook shape at the edge of the hanger and thread it inside the toilet. The hanger will navigate through the curves of the toilet pipe until it reached to the blockage zone and release it.

Hopefully you managed to unclog your toilet successfully by now with those simply and useful techniques. If the problem is not solved yet it might be the time to call a professional plumber. Sometimes fixing the toilet is much complex than we think.

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