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Pretty original Sci Fi Comedy set in the future, Iron Sky though not perfect is a much better film that what many critics have said about the film. In 1945 Nazi Germany builds a moon base in hopes of taking over the world someday. Fast forward to 2018, and a new president looking to get re re-elected sends a new moon landing mission in hopes to gain popularity The Nazi base is uncovered, and they are bent on invading earth. I really enjoyed the film, and thought it was quite original, funny and very entertaining. Though not perfect, this film had enough wit to keep you interested from start to finish. The thing that you should remember when going into this film is that it should not be taken seriously whatsoever. There are plenty of good gags here to make you laugh, and though at times the film struggles to be funny, in the end there's enough entertainment value to keep you interested. For me, this is one of the more underrated films of the year and despite the fact it has its fair share of flaws, it's not bad. The fact that the film has a unique idea of invading Nazis from the moon is what makes this film quite fun, intriguing and over the top ridiculous. Though some comic relief doesn't work, there are plenty of other funny bits here to enjoy. The best thing I can say about the film is that if you watch, be prepared for an hour and a half of dumb fun, and don't take this seriously. The performances are decent, never great but Iron Sky's strength lies within its idea for its plot. I really liked the angle of the story and felt it was one of the most original films of the year. Not perfect, but pretty good. Enjoyable if you're in the mood for ridiculous, low brow humor.
  Alex roy


The space battle scenes are impressive, Julia Dietze is sexy and demure as the Nazi schoolteacher sent to Earth and there are genuinely funny moments.
Mark Adams  Daily Mirror [UK]

B-movie fun, you'll enjoy every minute as long as you realize it's not trying to be Scorcese or Speilberg...

Very silly, a tad forced in places, and who gives a crap? Pure, B movie fun, as was intended. Amazing effects considering their $10 million budget. This movie was silly, had a message but delivered it with the subtlety of a giant rubber mallet. It was the funnest load of crap I've ever watched. Highly recommended.


this was the most fun i've had watching a movie in a really long time. I was doubled over laughing more often than not. The jokes are hysterical and are more than just cheap shock jokes, several are funny at face value and then are funnier the more you think about it. this movie is a one liner machine.

the plot line is great, Nazis from the moon are trying to take over Earth and for a little while get used for President Sarah Palin's campaign and then there's an epic space battle and more stuff happens and it's all fantastic and fun.

if you hated this movie then it's probably your fault for watching it in the first place.If you read the back and still expected it to be a really high quality and meaningful film then no one can help you.


This movie is a hit around the world except in The USA!....I'll buy it from the British if i have too...but it amazes me how slack distribution companies in the USA have not featured this as one of the best new movies of the year....Tell me it is coming soon, please!

The Return Of The Reich From Outer Space: A Loopy Sci-Fi Spoof With True Cult Potential

The Finnish sci-fi spoof "Iron Sky" is a bold, unapologetic, and absolutely ridiculous bit of nonsense! And I mean this in the most complimentary way possible. If you're going for loopy and outrageous comedy, you can't beat the camptastic premise of this seriously disturbed movie. I understand that such humor isn't for everyone, but I suspect the audience for "Iron Sky" will continue to grow as word of mouth spreads about this nutty endeavor. It's not always a perfect movie, and it may even play a bit too long--but I've always got to commend a movie for serving me a tasty dish that I haven't sampled a hundred times before. This is the definition of a cult movie. Love it or hate it, you won't be apathetic! And "Iron Sky" is nothing if not original. Combining elements of classic science fiction with mad scientist mayhem with a culture clash comedy with a political satire, the film covers a lot of bases. And for the most part it succeeds as an exuberant slapstick romp. Eschewing all political correctness, "Iron Sky" embraces its lunacy and doesn't hold back. And really, that's all you can ask for.

Set in the not-so-distant future, a very Palin-esque United States President sends a new mission to the moon. What they discover will irrevocably change the future of the world! On the dark side of the moon, an installation of the Reich has been constructed from a renegade band of survivors who fled at the end of the WWII. Under the command of the Moon Fuhrer (Udo Kier), the German scientists discover an essential new power source to fuel their galactic empire and position them to re-take the Earth. Sending a team to retrieve as many cell phones as possible (computers have improved dramatically since the forties!), leads Gotz Otto and Julia Dietze some become seduced by the new world. In skewering both the media and opportunistic politicians, "Iron Sky" aims for some fairly obvious targets but the results are still quite funny. But as the mayhem escalates, it seems that there is no stopping a full on invasion from the skies (a delightful visual of blimps stand in for traditional space ships). I won't reveal any more, it's just best to go with the flow.

"Iron Sky" works as well as it does due to its premise. It's over-the-top and patently ridiculous (as I've mentioned), but everyone is committed to the preposterous scenario. The screenplay is bold and offensive, the actors display great physical comedy prowess, the effects are appropriately loony. It just all works. I really liked the central pair of Otto and Dietze. After setting up some great ideas, though, the film may lag toward the end where it becomes more concerned with action than comedy. It's a small gripe in the scheme of things, and one that doesn't deter a recommendation. So many movies play it safe or cover tired formulas. "Iron Sky" is a cult film that defies expectations and has plenty of great surprises and laughs as well. Check it out for something off the beaten path.

Of of the BEST MOVIES of 2012!!!

So far there have been FOUR truly great movies of the year; Cabin in the Woods, Iron Sky, The Raid and The Avengers. But this post is dedicated to the one getting the least amount of attention. Iron Sky is BRILLIANT! Imagine if Joe Dante (Gremlins) made a movie about Space Nazi's(!), written by Paul Bartel (Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul), Produced by Roger Corman and utilizing all the advantages of CGI on a low budget and you get an idea of how awesome this movie is.

Not only is Iron Sky a great comedy but it's also a fantastic satire. Even more amazing is that they managed to make this for about 10 million which puts every bloated blockbuster out this summer to shame. I really can't stress how good this movie is. Sure, you look at the trailers and think "heh, one note joke!" but it's soo much more than that. I was worried that the bulk of the movie was going to be "cultural misunderstanding" comedy and although there's a little bit of that, it's not overdone.

At about 90 minutes long it's perfectly paced and while you're average Corman cheapie was never really able to deliver a big payoff, Iron Sky delivers a climax on par with the likes of Starship Troopers' Klendathu Drop crossed with the alien invasion of Independence Day. But unlike most high concept comedies, Iron Sky delivers an ending that is both satisfying and chilling at the same time. Can't recommend this enough.

I think it's fun, camp, and it's often hilarious.

The Director's Cut is about 17 minutes of additional footage and deleted scenes with some excellent special effects. They're interesting scenes which deepen the characters and actually enhance the plot. Plus, the Meteor Blitz is much more effective and impressive with the restored footage.

People either love IRON SKY or they don't. They get the joke, or they don't. I think it's fun, camp, and it's often hilarious. A nice cross of SNL and MST3K.

If you haven't found it already, anyone who enjoys IRON SKY should check out SF author Norman Spinrad's 1970s cult classic novel 'The Iron Dream'...which was clearly the main inspiration for IRON SKY. Spinrad is a genius, and again, people either get the parody humor of his novel or they don't.

If you're trying to decide between the two, definitely buy the Director's Cut version, the extra 17 minutes or so are very worthwhile.

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy!

if you're tried of the usual movies Hollywood puts out and want some laughs and action, then pick this up today.

Compared to the version played in theaters, this one is much better! The battles are better, the story moves at a much better pace and we get more time on the moon before heading to Earth. As to when compared to other movies with Nazis in it, I think this is a fresh take on it. It either takes place in WWII ( to which anyone who has stayed awake in history class, knows what happens to the Nazis ), a alternate WWII where the Nazis have better tech, aliens on their side and/or have tapped into the powers of the occult or it's about present day Neo-Nazis ( but those tend to be the boring, "award winning" movies ). So far the only movie that I know of to have real Nazis in the present ( or near present ) was "Nazis at The Center of The Earth" ( trust me when I say this, don't see that movie! ). So overall, if you're tried of the usual movies Hollywood puts out and want some laughs and action, then pick this up today.

Who'd Have thought Nazi's could be fun?

I avoided this thinking it was just another Nazi exploitation film. Then I heard the directors cut was out and it's actually a comedy - so I gave it a shot. We all know the best dressed side lost the war, but in this slice of comedy sci-fi the Germans merely retreated to the dark side of the moon and regrouped. Ignore the fact there is no oxygen, water, or ability to grow food and you will soon realise this is all well credible. There they rebuilt the Third Reich and planned to re-invade Earth around 2018.

Enter an inept attempt by a female President of the US to have a stunt to garner votes. She sends a black celebrity to the moon to be the first black man on the rock. Well he uncovers the dastardly, but well dressed and camped up, Germans teaching Aryan purity and a whole manner of other twaddle and unwittingly gets roped in to the whole thing and a bit of a love interest too in his female captor.

Cue the invasion of Earth - and hilarity ensuing etc. This starts out as a bit of fun but then actually works on a few levels. There is a lot going on around satire and even commentary on race and discrimination. It is also perfectly balanced in the acting department with everyone just over acting enough to be ludicrous but believable. The SFX are all great and the costumes and make up are brilliant with great clothes and some mad hair styles. I was expecting nothing and ended up absolutely loving this. Seriously funny, clever, satirical and recommended.

Iron Sky, Refreshing Satire and Kooky Science Fiction

Okay, where else can you combine Nazis and science fiction, a tongue-in-cheek bash on Americans and their New World Order, throw in some space travel, add a little underlying philosophy of Charlie Chaplin and balance it all with some good old eugenic humor? Well Iron Sky is your virtual location for just all of these fun things; and much more. The movie is populated with loveable Nazis, deceitful politicians, deadly lies, sexy marketers, and a secretary of state in leather. What would US policy look like if we had Sarah Palin for President? Iron Sky gives us a peek. What happens when press analysts really do take an office in a position of power? Watch and see. How do you make a dead nationalist philosophy come alive again? Really you have to watch and see; this is the brilliance of Iron Sky.

I streamed this movie and watched it twice. After the second view I realized there is rich humor going on both above and below the belt; it's like 2 movies. Watch it if you are a science fiction buff, then watch it again for the humor and satire. Or just watch it as an action comedy film, but be prepared to give Iron Sky some thought. It's not all space shoot outs, good looking astronauts and pretty girls with leather wings commanding space ships. Watch this movie to see the Nazis from the dark side of the moon, but stay for the humor and excellent satire. Nazis aren't just for bashing around anymore.

Loved It!

Yeah sure, you have to ignore the fact that they can get to the moon and survive back in the 40's... but after that this is a really good movie. The blu-ray works, but no bonus features do (wish they'd stop that) Anyhow, the plot of having this race of Nazis on the moon thriving and harvesting this high-power fuel, but using steampunk technology to use it is soooo cool. though their computer technology is severely lacking to power their main vessel. They capture an american sent to the moon on a routine check of the mineral fuel resources of the moon and find that his cellphone can power their ship but it drains the battery almost instantly! So a single ship is sent down to try gain more of these "super computers" and learn of what Earth is like now before the main fleet is sent - some believing in a peaceful reunion, but the military heads wanting conquest and revenge. The movie turns out to be more than just a fun B movie... spoofing government in general and showing that even labels like American and Nazi don't always automatically mean Good and Bad. How people with power can go too far for greed masked as patriotism.

IRON SKY Director's cut says it all

I have both films. The original which is kick-ass fun and adventure with a ton of tongue in cheek humor and awesome special effects. When you find that the films was produced at a fabulously LOW cost, and short time frame, you realize what a darned great team worked on this 'epic' story. While I find the Left-Wing opinion tainted portrayal of Sarah Palin to be despicable, hey, it's only a story and the Lefties need to vent at every opportunity, and it was funny. Don't let your political views spoil your enjoyment of a good plot and great story. Rent it, or buy it. I rented the original, then bought it. When the Director's cut came out, I HAD to have it. I am NOT sorry I bought either of them. The fact that my Panasonic Blu-Ray, 3D player UPCONVERTS any Blu-Ray or DVD to 3D! Sure enhances the viewing pleasure. I've begun watching ALL my old films in 3D. The Black and White Charlie Chan Collection is AWESOME! Just very, very odd in 3D. I keep telling myself "It's how Dogs see the World". Who cares? It's 3D!

Sharp political humor featuring Nazis from the dark side of the moon.

Despite the B-movie trope of having Nazis attacking from the dark side of the moon, this film has A-list special effects, great acting [exploiting humor by playing it straight], and a fun, satirical script. In 2017, America sends a return mission to the moon, this time with an African-American model/astronaut James Washington [Christopher Kirby] in the crew, to improve the re-election chances of a Palinesque president [Stephanie Paul]. Julia Dietze is the naive Nazi schoolmarm Renate Richter teaching the newest generation English and Earth culture. She is called upon to apply her knowledge [or lack thereof] when Washington is captured. Reacting to him being African-American, her mad scientist father uses an albino-nizer to turn Washington Aryan and uses his cell phone to power the giant space battleship Gotterdamerung. Unfortunately, the cell phone's battery is low, so Renate's party-chosen fiance and fuhrer-in-waiting Klaus Adler [Goetz Otto] must go to Earth to obtain more modern computer phones to ;power an all-out invasion of the Earth. Washington is brought along because he "knows the President" and Renate stows aboard to see real Earth culture. Renate and Klaus hook up with the President's campaign manager [Peta Sergeant] after kidnapping her, She succeeds in designing the re-election campaign around their proposed New Order. Renate finally learns what Nazis are "really" like when Washington takes her to see the full-length GREAT DICTATOR containing more than just Charlie Chaplin playing with the balloon-globe. The current Fuhrer of the Moon [the iconic Udo Kier] visits Earth and is killed in a coup. New Fuhrer Adler returns to the moon to activate the Gotterdamerung while the Earth is already being attacked by Nazi flying saucers launched from Hindenburg-style carriers towing meteors with which to bombard the Earth. Renate and Washington return to the moon in the saucer that brought them to sabotage Gotterdamerung while weaponized Mars-explorer crafts from many nations [except Finland] defend our planet from the Nazi onslaught. I added Netflix streaming just to watch IRON SKY: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT [with 20 extra minutes]. Watch for IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE in 2016 to see how the President survives, descends into a Hollow Earth to find more [T-rex riding] Nazis. I hope that IRON SKY is planned as a trilogy.

Show the Hun who's got the biggest gun..

Love this movie; a complete farce with something for everyone- the mad scientist, his beautiful daughter, the ambitious Herr Adler, Nazi's invading the world from the moon and U.S. President Sarah Palin leading the world coalition

Fun Absurdist SF Parody

Parody humor and a black absurdist take on "Nazi's On The Moon!"

People either find this hilarious or they don't. I get the joke, and the special effects are a lot of fun.

There's also a Directors' Cut with about 17 to 20 additional minutes of restored footage, including some restored special effects scenes that enhance both the plot and the Meteor Blitz FX. If you're debating between the two, I would definitely spend a couple extra dollars for the extra scenes in the Director's Cut.

While I'm here, I'll put in a free plug for the 1970s SF parody novel 'The Iron Dream' by Norman Spinrad, which is brilliant in itself and without whose success I'm sure there would be no IRON SKY film today. 'The Iron Dream' is a must-have book and I heartily encourage everyone to check it out.

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy, everybody.
Byt Amazon Customer

Sit down and enjoy it!

Cool down, This is just a comedy that parodies even the famous "Hitler finds out about..." YouTube meme, (there was a nod to Dr Strangelove too) I found this film highly entertaining. It was fresh to watch a movie that isn't the remake of the remake of the sequel (The Amazing, Spiderman, Star Trek 2 :P) The villains of the story are those ever present human characteristics: ego, stupidity, ambition. Also, I'm not young but I know they borrowed from the plot of a videogame. This movie will make you to want to find out more about Helium 3 too:). Good movie. Ah and never reject a woman if you don't want to risk all hell breaking loose!

Better than you'd ever expect!

Yeah, yeah. Nazis on the moon plan to invade earth. But somehow, they pull it off. You just have to buy into the ludicrous "science" of the plot. I'd say my main quibble is that the President scenes are way too campy and seem out of place with the rest of the movie's "contained campiness". Yeah, got it. She's supposed to be Sarah Palin. And isn't much better than the Nazis.

But other than that, more fun that I ever expected. And so good, I coughed up the money for the special edition!!

Awesome film

Film is awesome. Downfall spoof was funny.
Blu-Ray has a problem with the 'Promo' sub-menu. All the links in the sub-menu do not work. I'm guessing that these are the web trailers. The movie, trailer and making of menus all work. Disappointed with the making of portion: a little over 16 minutes of the film being shot. No commentary or dialogue, even subtitled non-English commentary would have been appreciated (movie also). Given the price, the BD was a little skimpy on extras.

Such a good alternate history movie

This movie is comedy gold. It explores the question of 'what if the Nazi's got to the moon first and established a moon base'. Once you know that then you should enjoy the movie. It is funny, imaginative, and dark in all the right places. It definitely does snot take itself seriously and neither should anyone viewing it.

Stupid fun movie...

If you haven't seen this one, it's from bizarre world, but pretty well done. I enjoyed the director's cut more than the initial release, and it was good enough to have me eagerly anticipating the sequel.

Couldn't stop watching, even though I wanted to.

Some things have a perverse hold on you. This is written as a satire on 1950-1960's movies. An interesting concept that has alot of hidden meanings and agendas attached to it. And for what I would consider a B movie, someone spent a lot of money on the sets and effects.

Surprisingly watchable

Great characters, great writing, funny. For the most part, it has pretty good acting, special effects and sets (at least on par with Sky Captain). There is mockery of a President Palin-like character, but other world leaders get spoofed as well, and the rest of it is quite well done. Getting us to empathize with the female Nazi who has grown up on the dark side of the and sees Nazism as benign (to her, Nazis just are strong, healthy people who love their mothers) is also quite an achievement. The moon Nazis' interaction with earthlings (especially African Americans) and modern technology are also funny.

This movie is amazing! Simply epic!

This is something funny, action-packed, and original in age where Hollywood spews out regurgitated crap. At first glance, it looks like a B-grade adventure flick. Sarah Palin vs Moon Nazis, right? Well, yeah, it is. That's the marketing, anyway. And in this case, NOT marketing it as just a comedy works, as the movie is all-around fleshed out and leaves you surprised when the jokes are funny, the dialogue is better than most comedies nowadays, and the writing is clever (especially from a Finnish-Australian project set in the US and starring WWII Nazis who live on the moon and Americans.) If you go into this blind, your low expectations are pleasantly pushed to the side by delightful comedy, special effects better than you'd think, and a plot and story that almost (almost) makes you want to give a standing ovation at the closing credits. Even if the premise of Nazis advanced enough to mostly master space travel based on 1940's technology makes little sense.

The movie stars a Black actor/model astronaut, James, who is used as a campaign gimmick to get a Sarah Palin parody US president re-elected. Once on the dark side of the moon, he is met by a Nazi colony, who escaped to the moon in the 40s and have been there for 73 years, plotting their return to conquer the world. Once he meets pure-hearted Nazi schoolteacher Renate, her, her fiance soon-to-be Fuher Adler, and James return to Earth. Adler prepares it for invasion, as Renate learns the benefits of being a successful campaign speech writer in modern day New York. And then there's foul-mouthed, brash, and abrasive Vivian, the anti-villain of the story and campaign manager who just wants to be with Adler, who soon ends up scorning her advances. This all leads to an epic showdown with Adler and the Space Nazis versus President not-Palin and promoted ship commander Vivian as Renate and James try to save their respective worlds from war.

For a somewhat low-budget movie that mocks / mimicks American culture, its actually fairly decent and most pass off as believable Americans and the movie itself looks like a professional big studio comedy. The dialogue was surprisingly sharp and witty and the movie itself is just so absurd, you'd have to be the most pretentious film snob to not appreciate the balsy epicness of Space Nazis.

Bottom line, this is a comedy/sci-fi/adventure flick that's just well written, directed, and acted. You feel like you've sat through awesomeness when its over. (Though the ending is kind of a bummer and a little too serious for the rest of the movie.) "Iron Sky" is along the lines of "Dr. Strangelove" or "Mars Attacks." Some might call it 'campy', but its really just refreshing and entertaining. You'll be surprised in a good way after watching this and maybe even itching for more. Don't listen to the negative reviews. If a battle that pits a Sarah Palin parody against Space Nazis with an actual decent plot sounds like something that appeals to you in any way, do yourself a favor and watch this movie! (Legally if you can, as to support the creators!)

A Cult Movie Today, No Need to Wait!

What starts as a routine search mission on the Moon for Helium & other resources brings today's world into contact with Moon Nazis. Then sparks fly & we realize that a Third Reich version 2.0 is well underway and coming to our world soon! This movie plays both funny and serious often intentionally and sometimes I think not. It's a risky venture when you play one off against the other but they did it and it worked well. The three women stars of this movie are really the stars.Julia Dietze is the educator of a future generation of Nazis youth but also the voice of reason as well as that hot babe that Gotz Otto & Christopher Kirby have their eyes on. Stephanie Paul is the Sarah Palin knock-off who in this world is already the president and her character brings some well needed laughs to the story. Peta Sergeant plays the campaign advisor to the prez but quickly climbs the ladder to commander of essentially everything that can be launched at the invading outer space army. There is a lot of character development wiggle room that goes on with these 3 strong women & it makes the movie and it's important the director Timo Vuorensola got that. Rounding out the main cast is Udo Keir who is the aging Fuhrer and leader of the invasion force. This movie really cuts across the grain. By that I mean the uniform worn doesn't tell you the good guys from the baddies here, you will have to do a little homework. Other observations, it's hard to understand why this got an "R" rating by the MPAA. You take out one or 2 scenes and this could easily pass as a PG movie. It's surprising Peta Sergeant ( especially) or the other ladies didn't ramp up or were scripted more adult scenes & I even wonder if it crossed the Producer or Director's mind to incorporate a sexy option as it would have fit the script well and they already had the "R" rating. There was a lot a juggling evident as all involved made this project work. From Making Frankfurt look like New York to facing 2 metres of flood water in their base camp in Australia to filming against green walls and hoping CGI add ons would make this vision come to life.It all worked out in the end even raising funds every which way. If you like Science fiction you have to admire what was accomplished here. I think just the unlikely way this movie was put together the big budget look though this wasn't the case and the constant damage control makes this a Cult Movie. The odds were against this film ever being made and especially being this marketable. 4 stars for me as the ending ( while possibly leading to future spin-offs)was a little weak and as previously stated it should have veered in a more adult direction. The DVD special features are top notch, trailers, behind the scenes stuff ( lots) & the director/producer audio commentary option is superb, you get the whole story there & it is really interesting. I enjoyed this movie and I think you will too!

My favorite!

I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite movies. It is a great parody directed by Timo Vuorensola. There are so many little jokes that they will leave you laughing (like when the main character James Washington pointed at one of the Nazis and said ‘who are you supposed to be, Prince Harry?’). The movie was originally made released in Finland, then actually released through Walt Disney in the States (of which I did not know until now).

They did a great job researching Nazi culture, predicting what the future would be like if they went to the moon, and what Earth would be like in the future if they had to face this problem. I did, however, want to learn more about what they ate and such, how they were able to travel to the moon without anyone noticing, but it’s not relevant to the story as it is a parody.

The plot itself was pretty believable, as the President of the United States has sent people to the moon to help her ratings in the next election and once they are there, they find the Nazi moon camp as they are mining Helium-3. James Washington gets captured and has to take them to the Earth for another phone computer to power their large space ship, that is after they turn him into an Aryan. Meanwhile Renate is an Earth specialist who sneaks aboard to see the Earth she thinks she knows so much about.

On Earth they find that things have changed a lot.

They kidnap the President’s assistant, Vivian, so that they can talk to her and declare war (or, as Renate thinks, bring peace and kindness as she has been brainwashed on the moon). Vivian takes them to the President, making them appear as campaign troop leaders and use Renate’s brainwashed message about peace. They use the same ideas for their campaign. Meanwhile the Nazis on the moon are preparing for war.

When they get the computer back to the moon, the Nazis declare attack on the Earth and every country is trying to figure out whose ships they are. They each act like they don’t have their own militarized spaceships but actually all space craft revolving the Earth has been militarized. An all-out war breaks out between the Earth and moon.

This movie is very well done and actually is in German when on the moon and English when they are in America (I loved that!). It’s refreshing to have a movie that tries to keep the language true to who is talking.

BTW, the fact that they had Vivian reenact the Hitler youtube video parody that has been subtitled so many times was amazing. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go google Hitler finds out Firefly was cancelled)

One of the problems I did have in this movie was that they had sound in space. Pet peeve, really… That’s why Firefly was amazing! But other than that, I enjoy this movie very much! 5/5!

The most awesome movie I've watched in a month of Mondays

The most awesome movie I've watched in a month of Mondays! Over the top acting, spaceships with giant gears and music by Laibach add up to a very satisfying experience. If there any models of the craft, I'm buying them.

A surprisingly amazing film that was largely fan funded.

I saw this the way most Americans... downloading it. I wasn't expecting much, but the production values are pretty decent. Yes, it's campy, yes it's outrageous, yes it's bigoted and racist. Who cares? It's hilarious. This was a little like the movie Independence Day for the Europeans.

I won't delve deeply and give this a serious review. A lot of people might not like it for the fun it's poking at America or Western Culture for being largely stupid. Idiocracy did this as well. I laughed my ass off. This is a movie I've had fun watching over and over, usually in the background. I figure I downloaded it and have watched it many times and I owe it to them and have pre-ordered this blu-ray to help support this title.

I wish more films would be this entertaining without taking anything really serious. This movie is a great departure from all of the current "look at me", shallow and politically correct Marvel/Ghost Protocol/Michael Bay recipe movies. It's nowhere near that class of movies and doesn't pretend to be, and that's probably why I like it so much.

A Cool Steelbook Blu Ray

Iron Sky is just a insane type of animal
It's not high art but, it's also better then most Big Budget Summer Hollywood films

Iron Sky runs circles around 2012 Battleship
but, that's just my nutty opinion
It's one of those films you kind of have to see for yourself and make up your own judgement on it
You're either enjoy it and love it
or Loath it and hate it

My review is is aiming at the very cool Director's Cut (Steelbook Blu ray)

If you are a Steelbook collector this is somewhat of a must have
That's only if you are a fan of the film
If you are a fan of the film you'll get a shinny new steelbook plus the Director's Cut of the film
which is a cool extra
The UK Steelbook version of Iron Sky is the theatrical version I'm pretty sure it is
It's a nice looking Steelbook (Not the best in terms of art but, it's also not the worst) That would go to the two Original Tim Burton Batman Steelbooks
you can still get it super cheap $16.00 or less for a BR Steelbook that's a great deal
If you just started to collect steelbooks this is a cheap item to add to your collection 8,5.10

Stupendous Fun - Incredible Effects and Over-The-Top Story -- Get Ready To Be Entertained!

Effects as good as any $200 million blockbuster -- but definitely tongue-in-cheek throughout. A totally surprising and funny film on every plane. The gags just keep coming. When you think it is getting too "technical" in the vein of the best sci-fi outer space epics -- it just brings on more ironic humor. There is absolutely nothing ever made like this. It is outrageous but it is also one of the most meticulously produced films in many years. Everyone is equally offended throughout -- nobody is pared. Look for totally fabulous performances from every actor and actress. They made their parts their "own" and took the film to a higher level. This one is a total winner. You'd be surprised at just how great this Finnish film produced in Australia actually is! You owe it to yourself to see this one. You'll watch it over and over -- just to get the secondary laughs and find things you didn't see the first time around. Thanks for such fun entertainment. ONe of the best in years.

Best B-Movie I've seen in decades!

This is one of the best B-Movies I've seen...better than many in decades. This is much better than even a lot of A movies out these days. It's got creativity, humor, sci-fi, outlandishness, goofiness, and mad scientists that will surely challenge your suspension of disbelief....but that's what's so great about it!!! If you can get by the initial premise of Nazis on the moon from 1945 and the plausibility of them finding enough resources to live and thrive on the moon, much less walk like there's normal gravity, you'll have a lot of fun watching. If you love Sarah Palin and think she's the bees knees....too bad for you and your low're not who this is aimed at. This is one I'm adding to my collection that is reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove. I would rather watch this 10 times than watch any of the recent Superman rehash movies....a lot more imagination going on here.

This movie is a scream!

I agree with most of the other reviewers. This movie is really, really funny! And I am someone who actually likes Sarah Palin, who gets made fun of fairly mercilessly. The film is camp and silly at times, but with some compelling (if deliberately stereotypical) characters and very nice performances by all of the actors. I think it actually has a worthwhile message, too. So I recommend it highly and without reservation.

Preposterous premise, hilarious execution

Iron Sky: Director's Cut is a really smart and funny comedy. It has an absurd, off-color sense of humor that some people may not appreciate, but personally, I don't think it crosses the line. The special effects look great, given the movie's budget, and the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. If you don't mind the goofy, preposterous premise and off-color jokes, I recommend Iron Sky.


I have absolutely no idea why this movie was never released in Australia. Thank goodness for Amazon! The plot was as corny as, but the acting suited the comedy as it was meant to be. The graphics were amazing and made the whole show. For all the Yanks reading this the Finish production team truly portrayed the American president and attitudes effectively as the rest of the world views them. Sadly they have the biggest guns so we can't laugh too loudly I guess. Laugh? You betchya, therre were some really funny moments.

For me, the meeting of the UN security council was an absolute scream where the other countries called the US liars and the US president replied "this is what we do!" Almost as funny as the North Korean ambassador claiming their dear leader designed and built the saucers himself. Equally funny was when the US space battleship flew into battle and the other nations called Madam President a liar because the ship was heavily armed, then, the armed space ships of the other nations raced in to assist and Madam President called them liars. Too much truth I guess. I have to say I loved the Aussie accent from one of the space cruisers as brief as it was.

There sure was a moral in there somewhere when, after the earth fleet defeated the Moon Nazis, they all turned on each other leaving no survivors. Well, there were some survivors, the poor elderly, children and their mothers so ferociously nuked under the US President's orders (wow, she sure looked like that Palin woman).

As I said, a corny plot but the graphics... awesome and would I watch the sequel - you betchya. Sequel? There has to be because there were survivors left on the Moon and they have to be rescued. And, of course, that huge piece of the moon blown-off the moon by the crazed new fuhrer's helium gun has to be rebuilt by the huge construction company who contributed most to Madam President's election fund!

Welcome To The Dark Side...

The USA finally explores the dark side of the moon, only to discover that it's already inhabited by those bothersome Nazis! Yep, it seems that der Fuhrer's followers had a master plan to build the fourth Reich on the lunar surface, so they packed up and relocated the war machine there in 1945. Now, the moon-Nazis are speeding forward w/ their invasion of our dear planet. Simultaneously, the US president needs a new gimmick for her re-election campaign. Could this be destiny? IRON SKY is a wonderfully absurd satire that takes aim at modern society, race, politics, and fashion-istas everywhere. The battle for world domination has never been this hilarious! Can the group of imbeciles making up the UN possibly work together for the common good, or will they simply do business as usual? They'd better decide quick, since the Aryan moonies are coming w/ their Gotterdammurung (doomsday weapon)! We may all die ... laughing!...

An incredible independent film!

A real independent movie, with a really fresh, hilarious, stylish, great premise -- and they really pull off the whole movie from start to finish! Great dialogue, special effects, acting, -- everything! It's in english, but it's made by an indie Finnish group, and they do a really good job. I really enjoyed seeing this film; I saw it at a sci-fi convention, after the convention was officially over (there were complications due to how SXSW handled the screening of their film), but being able to see it was absolutely awesome. I bought it as soon as I found the DVD online.
Nazi invaders from the dark side of the moon!

Retro sci-fi with a sense of humor

For fans of conspiracy theories, Nazis in Space is starting to look a little dated. There's always been theories of Nazis comingled with UFOs ever since World War II, combining some of the popular literature at the time with the paranoia that the Nazi threat had never truly been eliminated. This suspicion would eventually shift to the Russians, but for a certain period of time, Nazis lurked everywhere: They were lurking at the center of the earth, in the far reaches of the Arctic, and yes the dark side of the moon.

"Iron Sky" is the beneficiary of crowdsourcing, and the film's fundraising success is evident in every inch of special effects in the film - special effects that probably wouldn't normally be warranted with such a silly concept. It's also a snapshot in time, positing what America would be like if a Sarah Palin analogue was president.

But "Iron Sky" is actually satirical science fiction, and in that regard it is a biting critique of American success. When a African-American male model is sent to the moon as part of a publicity stunt to generate goodwill, they stumble upon the Nazi base. This close encounter results in a startling discovery when the resident mad scientist discovers the processing power of iPhones. Determined to leverage the tiny devices for their own ends, they send Klaus Adler (Gotz Otto) on a reconnaissance mission.

His bride to be, genetically selected by Nazi scientists, decides to follow him. The Nazi culture does not survive contact with Americans unaltered: Klaus decides to take over the world through popular culture, and Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) realizes that much of what she knows about Nazi history is an awful lie. "Iron Sky" brilliantly shifts gears to more modern theories of Nazi-influence, implying that American culture has already embraced many tenets that would make Nazi propagandists proud.

When a collection of satellites and space stations go to war against the Nazi space war machine, the gloves are off. No government escapes "Iron Sky's" unflinching gaze unscathed, which leads to the only ending that makes sense - a nihilistic commentary on the bloodthirsty nature of the world's leaders.

"Iron Sky" is a retro sci-fi flick with modern wit that's likely to make those without a sense of humor feel uncomfortable. Rigid patriots will want to give it a pass.

Just the right blend.

This movie has a good blend of goofy and seriousness. Honestly though its really quite campy, which is a good thing given the premise it was built on, it couldn't succeed any other way. Overall it was more enjoyable than I had expected it to be.

There is quite a few over exaggerated situations which criticize our (US) current political system and attitudes. I enjoyed it as I hadn't quite thought that it could be seen that way. If you are sensitive to this type of criticism though, this isn't going to be a movie you're going to enjoy. Save yourself some time and give this movie a skip.

The special effects were good, though I felt some of the technology was a stretch (zeppelins is space...).

Very entertaining ! :) Highly recommended

Interesting how the reviews are all over the place for this movie. I thought it was great! I love a movie that doesn't take its self seriously and has no qualms in telling you so. Specials effects, acting and dialog where perfect considering the tone. I found myself laughing out loud several times. However, the Very End, is quite dark and sets a tone in line with the actual history of earths warfare and humanities preparation for it.
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