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Come Try The Real Taste of Mexico "Aztec Food That You Love!"


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Los Patios Begins With The Love Of Food And The Love Of Friendship! 

Hello My Name is Juan Carlos from Los Patios and I wish that you, your family and friends have an absolutely fun and very memorable time in our family restaurant.  Our family restaurant blends the Mexican Food with the Spicy Aztec food to bring about a food metamorphasis taste explosion we call Aztec-Mex.  We are known to be able to make the food so hot many patrons would not even touch it to just suble hint of of spice that keeps the tummy warm and the mouth desiring more.

Historically Aztec food tended to be both rich and spicy. In fact, many of the ancient Aztec foods were flavored with chili peppers and contained very hot chili's and spicy sauces from their native plants.  As the cultures merged between Mexican and Aztec the spicy flavors of Aztecs came through the food boldly and with lots of colors.  Our family fell in love with the taste of Aztec Mexican Food Recipies and I learned much from my Mother and Grandmother.

NEWLY CREATED AND ONLY AT LOS PATIOS: AZTEC MEXICAN BUFFALO WINGS.  Top qualty chicken infused with rich Aztec and Mexican flavors to bring about a complete surrender of the taste pallet craving more and more.  Or the hot Aztec Mexican Buffalo Wings that can be made Mild, Warm, Hot, or So Hot Your Chiwawa will not try it ( That Mexican for Bring Some Milk With You!)  We are having trouble keeping these availble continuously because of the damand.  We hope you will be completely overwealmed with their savoryness or hottness or both.  We wish to thank you for making this items such a hit.

Our biggest day is Taco Tuesday with $1 tacos.  Please join us on Tuesdays, and if you crave Enchiladas, Monday is your day!
We also have some of the most unique Margaritas and you will be sure to find one you absolutely adore.   And don't forget the flaming Fijitas and Rich Flan for Desert.  With so many mouth watering items to choose from we can guide you to exactly the meal you are wishing for.

From My Family To Yours, I wish to say THANK YOU for visiting our humble restaurant and hope that you too can fall in love with our secret recipies and savory food.

Juan Carlos

Amazing Aztec Hot Wings

Aztec Mexican Buffalo Wings
So Tangy, So Hot, So Flavorful
It Can Make You Cry
And Sniffle!

Catering From Los Patios Mexican Restaurant

Muy Delicioso Los Patios Catering For Your Next Event and Party.  We Are Dependible, Tasty, Cost Effective and Very Friendly!
We Bring A Smile
To Your Event!

Los Patios Delicious Salads

Many customers order our salads and share with their friends.  Some of our salads are quite large.  Salads have changed the world to be more healthy and full of vitanims.


The Forgotten Menu Item that is just so good for you and tastes yummy to the tummy.  Soup is good food, and our soups are spicy and savory with lots of wonderful ingredients.  Eat healthy with our soups.

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